Unique places in Florence and Tuscany

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Florence: unique places

Tuscany is a region rich in history and in nature.
The region contains a multitude of unique places, such as the small medieval villages that will transport you into a magic atmosphere, rich in wholesome foods, bright colours and castles, all around Florence.

unique places florence

Unique places: Castles

close to Florence

This itinerary will allow you to live like a medieval lord in his castle, savouring the dishes served at a nobleman’s table in medieval times. The Castles selected by Moveris are scattered throughout Tuscany, some even quite close to Florence. You will be able to choose which castle to stay in, the panorama to have before your eyes and even perhaps which wines to taste directly from the cellar – all so you can live out your dreams.

unique places florence

The middle ages in Tuscany

a stroll back in time

The castles chosen by Moveris are located in unique places around Florence or Tuscany generally, far from mass tourism, immersed in green surrounds in which you can still see wild animals such as deer and wild boar at sunset, just like in the period in which the castle was inhabited by the lord and his court. There are quiet places where you can go fishing in the streams, take long walks on horseback or by mule, to enjoy a pristine landscape in a slow and peaceful manner.

unique places florence

A ghost in the castle

legend or truth

In the evening, you will be invited to a medieval banquet. Staying the night, sound slumber is not guaranteed, as there is a chance that one of the ghosts said to still haunt these places may want to make their presence known. If you are interested in this itinerary, it is best to consider reaching these unique places either by driving your own vehicle or a means best suited to your needs, which can also be recommended by Moveris. Florence and Tuscany await you.

Moveris in Florence: unique places

Our itineraries in Tuscany

Amongst the unique locations in Tuscany, far from mass tourism, is a majestic marble quarry in the Apuan Alps, about an hour from of Florence.
Visiting this quarry, you can see the marble blocks up-close and understand the difficult life of the quarrymen, the ancient and dangerous craft that - since the Roman era - has fascinated whilst commanding respect for its harshness. Even Michelangelo visited these locations to choose the best marbles to be sent to Florence for his works.

unique places florence

The Church of S. Galgano

a stroll back in time

If medieval castles or marble quarries are not your thing, we can take you to other unique locations imbued with a special atmosphere and bathed by an unforgettable sunset. One such site is a beautiful church – now without its roof – in the lands of Siena, where the “sword in the stone” and the knights templar are still spoken of to this day.

unique places florence

Food and wine culture

the Apuan Alps

Moving away from Florence to head towards west Tuscany, lies a quaint village at the foot of the Apuan Alps where you can savour the famous “Lardo di Colonnata”. This cured delight is stored in marble basins and infused with a secret blend of herbs, to then be served alongside other typical dishes of the territory.

unique places florence

The “little mill” from 1696

history and tradition

You can visit an ancient water mill and have a go at the stone grinding to make some flour, which you can then take home to prepare your favourite recipes.

Visiting the mill is recommended throughout the warmer times of year.

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