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Florence: artistic itineraries

If this is your first visit to Florence and you would like to explore the artistic itineraries to best understand the Renaissance city, you can request a journey forged according to your wishes. Moveris would be happy to make some suggestions, based on its extensive dedication to creating enjoyable and interesting stays in Florence for even the most exacting of travellers.

The city of Florence reveals itself little by little. Our artistic itineraries offer walks suited to every age and every interest.
This itinerary is undertaken on foot, with there being no entries to museums or historical buildings, so as to enjoy the city in a more relaxed manner with the curiosity and desire for knowledge that permits a more heartfelt exploration of Florence.

artistic itineraries florence

Get to know the city

taking a stroll

As an introduction to the city, we recommend one of the most-requested artistic itineraries, commencing from Piazza Santa Maria Novella, with its Renaissance façade designed by Leon Battista Alberti, delimiting a large space in which chariot races were held during the Medici era. We continue on, passing by the typical medieval streets of Florence, where you can still see artisans at work and admire the mansions of the noble Florentine families.

artistic itineraries florence

The Duomo and Bell Tower

the religious centre

We reach the bustling Piazza Duomo, characterised by the green and white colours of the marble of the Romanesque baptistery and the imposing cathedral, the construction of which commenced at the end of the 13th century.

Often stopping in the shadow of Giotto’s Bell Tower are the horse-drawn carriages, ready to transport tourists who want to discover Florence in this way.

artistic itineraries florence

Piazza della Signoria

Florence’s Town Hall

The last stop on this artistic itinerary is Piazza della Signoria, which has long been regarded as the political hub of the city of Florence, with the Palazzo Vecchio still the seat of the Municipality today.

In the summer, the piazza bustles with tourists, often sitting to enjoy a nice coffee in one of the various outdoor cafés lining the square.

Moveris, Florence: artistic itineraries

Florence with our itineraries

We have many other suggestions and artistic itineraries to introduce you to the city of Florence, on an exploration of places rich in culture and ancient history, far from the crowds.

artistic itineraries florence

Ponte Vecchio - Santo Spirito

“the other side” of the Arno River

We cross the Arno river, delighting in a spectacular view of the Ponte Vecchio, to reach the popular Santo Spirito district, where our route takes us on a discovery of some of the most important churches of Florence, such as that of Santo Spirito, once frequented by a young Michelangelo for a very explicit reason. Along this artistic journey, we will enter into a selection of artisan workshops, where the methods and instruments used have remained unchanged since the Renaissance.

artistic itineraries florence

Local markets and local historians

amid districts and piazzas

This journey on foot includes entering into certain religious monuments which, not uncommonly in Florence, safeguard the works of famous artists from Giotto to Michelangelo. We will pass by popular piazzas, fruit and vegetable markets and historical/artistic sites, ensuring there is time to stop to savour your surroundings. We will enter ancient goldsmith workshops, where you can admire the work of master engravers focused on the creation of unique pieces, with the possibility to buy your very own piece of jewellery.

artistic itineraries florence

Artistic Itineraries in Florence

history and tradition

These are just a few examples of our artistic itineraries in Florence, the details of which can be requested by sending an email through our website or by phoning us directly.

Our artistic itineraries are aimed at those who want to discover an unknown part of the city, far from the masses but equally rich in historical monuments and ancient culture.

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