Tourist Services in Florence and Tuscany

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Tourist services in Florence

Moveris encompasses consulting, organisation, training and a focus on new methodologies in the areas of culture, accessibility and development, being the qualities that characterise the company in the tourist service market of Florence and throughout Tuscany.

Florence and Tuscany: Tourist Services

Moveris - services agency

Moveris was established in December 2017, based on an idea sustained by the experience and passion of the four founding partners: Livia, Patrizia, Cecilia and Emanuela. Beyond a long-lasting friendship and a professional relationship, they share the common desire to give shape to a single entrepreneurial, innovative view regarding the interpretation of tourist services in Florence and throughout Tuscany.

Tourist Services in Florence

This innovative company was founded with a focus on those wanting to discover Florence and Tuscany, based on each traveller’s individual needs, expectations and desires to then be transformed into reality. To make this possible, the four founders of Moveris advanced their specific experiences and skills, gained through years of work in tourism industries.

Specific Skills

All four members are dedicated to unveiling the immense beauty of Florence and the wider Tuscany region, with its wealth of culture, history and tradition. In exalting their experience as tour guides and tour leaders, the partners have developed the skills to provide support services for tourists with physical and sensory disabilities, having the capacity to relate with an extremely diversified clientele and the various operators in the sector.

Training Seminars

After years of working in various fields of tourism in Florence and Tuscany, comprehending and addressing the day-to-day difficulties and the potential of this sector, the Moveris partners have acquired a wealth of experience that has developed into an innovative conceptualisation of tourist services, to be enacted through suitable and specific training activities.

Moveris: tourist services in Florence and Tuscany

Study - Organise - Develop

Moveris is a company pursuing an innovative idea in the tourism sector, being to focus attention on “the person” seeking to discover Florence and Tuscany, dedicating its activities to three main axes:

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1) The organisation and management of all aspects of the travel experience matured over the years, leading to an extensive knowledge on the environments, locations and territories all throughout Tuscany, and - of course - the city of Florence (including contacts within selected hotels, restaurants, themed locations, luxury villas, and more);

tourist services florence — Patrizia

2) Tourist services, with projects designed and customised according to the specific needs of each client - be they an individual traveller or tour operator - with particular attention to any physical difficulties or needs expressed. The well-being and attention to quality and comfort are at the heart of the tourist services offered by Moveris;

tourist services florence — Cecilia

3) Development of high-level training activities, focused on all those involved in hospitality, reception, accompanying and/or transfer services, such as the fruition of the historical-artistic patrimony of Florence and Tuscany. Moveris’ training is aimed at spreading the specific techniques and methods, focused on allowing visitors “know and experience” through encounters in various locations and territories, starting from their specific needs and expectations.

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Florence: tourist services

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our office is NOT open to the public and, for this reason, we receive ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY by appointment. You can send us an email to: info ໑ or a WhatsApp to the following number: +39 349 1671948. Please do not send any SMS text or inquiries on Messenger, as we cannot guarantee that these will be received.

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