Art locations in Florence and around Tuscany

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Florence: art locations

Art locations in Florence and around Tuscany”: what is hidden behind these words that is so important, so richly imbued with significance, of value and knowledge that it may even, at times, seem quite overwhelming? Let’s formulate some ideas to express these concepts, rendering them interesting, fun, enjoyable, intriguing.

Moveris in Florence: art locations

Tuscany and Art

“You were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge”
(Canto XXVI Inferno - Dante Alighieri)

art locations florence

Cook typical dishes

Free time in Florence

Art is... enjoying the experience of cooking dishes connected to the culture and history of the area, drawing inspiration, for example, from the paintings exhibited in the art locations in Florence, or from anecdotes and the popular culture of Tuscany, as shared by our expert guides and escorts.

Art is... going in search of ingredients at the local markets and cooking lunch or dinner together, to then dine on the dishes with friends or those we have met along the journey.

art locations florence

Museums, palaces, churches

Art locations in Florence

Art is... visiting one of the many art locations in Florence, be it a famous museum brimming with masterpieces, a historical site that was once the home of the protagonists of local history, a sacred building that is striking for its simplicity intended as a means for spiritual elevation towards God or for its wealth and opulence as an expression of the power of the Church. Wander along a narrow street overshadowed by tall buildings leaving little space for sunlight, typical of the medieval urban fabric of Florence and of other cities throughout Tuscany, as you imagine the daily life of those who lived here in eras long past.

art locations florence

Painting classes

with an expert teacher

Art is... enjoying a painting class in Florence or in another Tuscan city. Moveris will provide all the materials necessary to leave you free to tap into your artistic sensibility, guided by an expert teacher. If you would prefer to try your hand at photography instead, Moveris can organise a day of taking shots around Florence, or even a photographic adventure lasting one or more days to the most representative art locations in Tuscany, with an experienced photographer guiding you to the sites you have always dreamed of capturing in an image.

art locations florence

Curiosity, research, listening

a way of life

Culture is... simply what we identify as a “way of life”, how a group of people lived in a particular place, be it in Tuscany or beyond. Culture is curiosity, communication, sharing, research, perceiving the awe that can be evoked by an art location, a breath-taking view, a glimpse, from a detail in a famous work of art. What does Moveris propose? For example...

art locations florence

Quaint medieval villages

art locations in Tuscany

Art is... sitting under a tree on a hot summer day, perhaps before one of the art locations in a small medieval village, perched on a hill in the Tuscan countryside, trying to capture on a sheet of paper the views that so move us, to preserve a memory, a feeling, an emotion forever. Or else, a stroll along the narrow streets of the village, eyes turned upwards to view the outdoor artworks rather than the shop windows.

art locations florence

Accommodating and professional

we listen to your wishes

Moveris is... ready to listen to your wishes, seeking to turn them into concrete offerings, rendering the company’s highly-professional collaborators at your service, doing everything and anything to overcome any eventual difficulties.

The art and culture locations in Florence and Tuscany await you!

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