Food and Wine Tours in Tuscany

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Food and wine tours in Tuscany

We have all heard that we should only eat small amounts and avoid certain beverages to stay in form. Moveris pays particular attention to gastronomy as healthy eating and drinking habits are an essential part of the Italian culture, especially in Tuscany.

Throughout our food and wine tours in Tuscany, you will learn that you can actually lose weight by consuming dishes that are nutritious and delicious, and that enjoying a glass of wine a day is even good for you.

Tuscany: wine & food tours

Tuscany: wine tours

We will take you to visit our wine cellars, immersed in the green hills of the Chianti region, where the “nectar of the gods” has been produced for centuries. Producing wine is a lasting process that follows the rhythm of the seasons and of the heart. It is a challenging and arduous task, marked by the grape harvest being celebrated each season, before the anxious wait to taste the resulting new wine.

food and wine tours tuscany

Wine Tours in Tuscany

historic cellars

The food and wine tour in Tuscany that we propose will take you to taste our wines, produced according to the rituals handed down from generation to generation, perfected by increasingly specific scientific and agronomic studies. You can choose whether to visit a wine cellar dating back hundreds of years, or a winery that looks to tradition yet is designed according to the dictates of contemporary architecture.

food and wine tours tuscany

The terrain and exposure

chianti, montalcino, montepulciano

Choose the focus of your food and wine tour in Tuscany, discovering how the wine changes depending on the terrain and exposure to the sun and winds, even if the grape variety remains the same – shall we head to Chianti? Colli Senesi? Montalcino? Montepulciano? Bolgheri?

Ask Moveris for more information.

food and wine tours tuscany

Combining wine and food

learning how to choose wine

Part of the local gastronomical culture is the ability to pair wine with food - the biggest error you could make would be to select the wine before choosing what to eat. Throughout our food and wine tours, you will learn the art of pairing food and wine through savouring the best combinations of both. Here in Tuscany, for instance, it is not always true that seafood must be accompanied by a white wine.

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Gastronomy in Tuscany

What options do you have if you love to cook and want to learn the secrets of Tuscan and Italian cuisine? Easy - our food and wine tour that can include a hands-on cookery experience. Armed with a rolling pin, flour and apron, you will learn how to make fresh pasta according to nonna’s recipe before discovering the secrets behind the sauce.

Whist it may be true that a good drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil is enough to enhance the flavour of freshly-made pasta, a nice wild boar or seasonal vegetable sauce is certainly not out of place. It is not as difficult as it may seem!

Cheesemakers in Tuscany

Do you like cheese but are only familiar with the most famous types? Then how about a visit to a Tuscan dairy farm on your very own food and wine tour to discover how a cheese is produced, starting with seeing the cows, sheep or goats and their fresh milk produced each day to be transformed into “white treasure”? Of course, a tasting of this foodie’s delight is also a must.

Gelato for children

Do your children adore ice-cream but you don’t know how to make it yourself? Moveris can arrange a food and wine tour that includes a gelato lesson, conducted by a chef who is an expert in the production of this frozen delight. You will discover the complete history of this wonderful sweet - did you know that the first to invent ice-cream were the Egyptians? You may well ask, how did they manage to find ice? Contact us and find out!

Cook typical dishes

This too is an art form - learn to prepare typical dishes of Tuscany during a cooking class, with recipes that represent the culture of the location you are visiting, concluding with savouring the delicious meal enjoyed with friends... a food and wine tour to discover the Culinary Arts of Tuscany.

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