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Florence: exclusive itineraries

Our operational experts design exclusive itineraries in Florence and Tuscany, so as to ensure you and your loved ones, your guests or your customers may have a personal and unique experience.

An adventure in a hot air balloon

Imagine: you set out from your accommodation before dawn. A driver accompanies you to a field in which a captivating, colourful and comfortable hot air balloon awaits you. Guided by experienced staff, you will view from up high the mesmerising spectacle that has been repeated each day since the beginning of time: dawn. You travel slowly, rising up to the perfect height for enjoying the scenery from a bird’s-eye view, recognising the colours, the shapes, the nuances of the Renaissance paintings of Tuscan artists, understanding why the hills are painted purple...

exclusive itineraries florence

A helicopter flight

If taking it slow is not for you, our exclusive itineraries include a helicopter flight over Florence. Flying high above the city is a great thrill after having walked its streets and visited the magnificent museums with a professional tour guide. Far below is the Arno river and the flanking city of Florence, a treasure trove of precious gems sprinkled amongst the red roofs and pointed bell towers. Flying over the stupefying outline of Santa Maria del Fiore, you’ll wonder: was the Cathedral intentionally constructed to reflect the shape of a “lily”, the flower that represents Florence? Contact us to savour one of the most exclusive itineraries and the most loved!

exclusive itineraries florence

The ways of the river: the Arno

Florence can also be admired from below, from a truly rare angle, having long been a true point of reference for the populations throughout the ages: the river Arno. Amongst the exclusive itineraries in Florence, we will revive that ancient city, when the transport of goods was via the river, when the waterway was a thriving thoroughfare. With a nice glass of prosecco and delicious snacks, we’ll sail along the river, passing beneath the Ponte Vecchio as we discover the history and quirks of the romantic city that is Florence. If we then add a beautiful sunset and an exclusive photo shoot to immortalise these unique moments, your experience will remain unforgettable!

exclusive itineraries florence

Concerts and Operas

Is music your passion? Are you looking to go to a concert or opera in Florence or in Tuscany? Moveris can certainly help you find the best tickets, but if it is a truly unique and exclusive experience are seeking, we can go above and beyond. In an exclusive location, we can arrange one of our most refined and exclusive itineraries, in which you can enjoy a concert of organ, classical or operatic music, performed just for you and your guests, along with a discovery of insightful details about Italian and opera music, which first came about in Florence.

exclusive itineraries florence

By Yacht or Sailing Boat

Amongst the exclusive itineraries proposed by Moveris, one not to be missed is the “sea”. If sailing is your passion, there is nothing better than an experience on a glamorous private yacht or sailing boat, following an exclusive itinerary that will allow you to discover the Tuscan coast through to the Cinque Terre in Liguria. You will find scarcely-visited coves, beaches secluded from the masses of noisy vacationers and the perfect place to take a dip alone in the crystal blue waters, before savouring delicious fried seafood, freshly caught.

exclusive itineraries florence

Make a wish

What more could you possibly desire?

Do you have a specific passion?

Contact us and we at Moveris will be able to plan a range of itineraries in Florence and Tuscany, allowing you to turn your desires into reality.

exclusive itineraries florence

Florence. Exclusive itineraries offered by Moveris

Passions and Desires

It is impossible to list all of our passions. Sailing, horse riding, art, sports, nature, music... the possible combinations are endless.

Moveris is able to offer you the opportunity to experience your passions to the full, transforming your wishes into unforgettable experiences. Whatever they may be, express your desires and prepare to savour an experience all your own.

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