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accessible tours florence   accessible tours florence   accessible tours florence  Accessible Tours in Florence

Florence: tours for the disabled

Some years ago, Italy turned its focus to accessibly. However, given the historic nature of the country and its monuments, a good level of accessible service provision and tours has not yet been achieved. The Moveris company in Florence has chosen to dedicate their professionalism to organising tours and tourist services for disabled travellers, both in Florence and all throughout Tuscany.

Moveris: experiences for tourists with mobility issues in Florence

Experiences and hospitality

Arranging quality accessible tours means taking into consideration the individual personality of the traveller, their personal desires, tastes and needs, which is why each tour should be tailor-made to suit each traveller. These are the services that Moveris can offer you in Florence or around Tuscany, with the possibility to render your experience unique and personalised, according to your specific wants and needs. Would you like some examples?

Moveris can help you find an accessible villa in the Tuscan countryside, from where you can set out on personalised tours, organising a minivan transfer with ramp if needed, to reach stunning locations around Florence or throughout the various areas of Tuscany.

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The “Touch Art” tour is just one option, perfect for travellers with visual impairment and otherwise, to discover the world of art transformed into a sensory experience. Moveris will provide all the equipment and the personnel trained to assist travellers with mobility issues to ensure easy access on our tours, both in Florence and throughout a range of other areas in Tuscany.

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Being disabled does not mean you cannot experience great thrills! Moveris can organise a tour throughout the Chianti region to savour the sensation of a ride in a hot air balloon with a basket equipped for transporting wheelchairs. A fascinating flight alongside your personal pilot - a truly unique experience close to Florence that is not to be missed!

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Would you like to experience the thrill of being led through the woods at night, with a vision-impaired guide? You might “see” a fantastic world, one you could not even imagine. Our company policy is not to offer pre-prepared tourist itineraries, ensuring rather that customised and private tours are crafted according to the needs of each guest, be they disabled or otherwise.

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Accessible tours in Florence

Arranging accessible services

Our experience in the world of tourism means that the needs and desires of our all clients, with mobility issues or otherwise, are our top priorities. When special items are needed to organise a tour in Florence or another Tuscan town, Moveris offers the opportunity to rent wheelchairs, small scooters, vans, ramps, and more for those with mobility issues.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our office is NOT open to the public and, for this reason, we receive ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY by appointment. You can send us an email to: info ໑ or a WhatsApp to the following number: +39 349 1671948. Please do not send any SMS text or inquiries on Messenger, as we cannot guarantee that these will be received.

Professionals in the sector

Moveris trusts in professional, highly-trained personnel for a whole range of services and tours, such as guides experienced in sign language, private tours for the vision impaired, specialised tour guides or escorts skilled in manoeuvring wheelchairs, especially along the cobbled streets of Florence.

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For certain types of services, such as organising stays or transportation during a tour, Moveris collaborates with Property Managers, Travel Agencies or Tour Operators within the industry.

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From desire to reality

After many years of experience assisting travellers with mobility issues in Florence and other Tuscan towns, Moveris is firmly convinced that having a disability does not stop us from discovering and savouring all that is possible, turning each dream into a reality.

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Florence: tourist services

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