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Training in Florence: workshop management

Operating within a range of fields in providing and managing tourist services in Florence, we realised that a lot of provisions are pre-prepared in a generic way, without specifically responding to the needs of those requesting such services.

Assisting families, small children or elderly people, different age groups or those with sensory or physical disabilities requires specific skills that are not always available through the main operators in the sector. For this reason, a significant part of our company is based on training workshops in Florence and throughout Tuscany generally.

The Training Area

We know the areas in which specific training has been lacking and that is exactly where we come in, with workshops held in Florence and other areas throughout Tuscany. The methodology behind the workshops organised by the Moveris training department is interactive - participants come face-to-face with the clientele on whom we focus, for example those with motor or sensory disabilities, both in the classroom and throughout the territory (in museums, churches, cafés, restaurants, and so on).

training workshops florence

Method and interaction

As confirmed by the previous workshops, the most effective method is through interaction, allowing participants to understand the difficulties whilst also finding the best possible solutions together with the end user.

The interactive part of the workshop offered by Moveris’ training pathway is always preceded by an introduction in the classroom, with experts from various fields and representatives of local institutions.

training workshops florence

Workshops in Florence

The training workshops aimed towards professionals in the tourism industry working as guides and escorts in Florence and beyond offer continued study and refresher courses on the subjects covered, especially art history and linguistics studies.

Offering high-quality services means always being up-to-date, especially regarding the varying demands of the tourist market that is in continuous evolution.

training workshops florence

Moveris: training workshops in Florence and around Tuscany

Experiences and hospitality

Working with tourists with mobility issues visiting Florence and Tuscany generally from all over the world, we saw a number of gaps in certain areas of care.

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For example, special-needs travellers do not always have the opportunity to have trained persons on-site able to assist them (perhaps accompanying them throughout the city, assisting with a wheelchair), or drivers with accessible vehicles and a lack of detailed knowledge regarding the needs at hand.

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The training area of our company aims to address the oft-overlooked aspects that we have identified, offering specific workshops, not only in Florence and Tuscany, but wherever there is a request, thanks to our replicable training format.

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Such learning experiences are also useful for connecting with other properly-qualified professionals involved in our services, training or other areas.

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Workshops in Florence and in Tuscany: moveris training area

Training workshops

Moveris offers a calendar of training workshops, carried out mainly in Florence and promoted through social media, as well as through the official company website.

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