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Florence: accessible services

In recent years, the word “accessibility” has been frequently used by the media and in civil society, yet in reality, the concept is almost never fully applied.

Moveris takes care of all tourist services for those with mobility issues in Florence and Tuscany, ensuring accessibility wherever possible to all those in need of tourism assistance.

Moveris in Florence: services for disabled travellers

Assistance for clients with disabilities

Providing assistance to travellers with mobility issues can entail, for example, arranging for the provision of particular equipment, a means of transport, but also the availability of an assistant to provide services such as pushing a wheelchair to make getting about easier, personalised to your own experience in Florence. Below are some examples:

accessible service florence

Minivan for disabled travellers

with driver

Are you arriving to an airport or train station in Italy and need accessible transport?

Reach out to Moveris for rental services, to hire a driver with minivan suitable for disabled travellers to depart from Florence to reach your destination.

accessible service florence

Hire a wheelchair

delivery and pick-up included

One of the services for people with motor disabilities is the rental of a wheelchair to suit the person in need, delivered directly to the location indicated (within the city of Florence or beyond). The service also includes the pick-up in a different place from where the item was initially delivered, provided it be in the broader Florence area.

accessible service florence

Provision of electric scooter

ideal for tours or excursions

Amongst the services for travellers with mobility issues offered by our company, there is electric scooter rental, with reduced dimensions and weight for easier transport, to be used throughout an excursion or a tour.
Hiring a scooter means you’ll be free to explore the city or the surrounding areas in complete autonomy.

Moveris in Florence: services for travellers with mobility issues

Mobility issues: suggestions by Moveris

The services for disabled travellers in Florence and around Tuscany that are offered by our company are manifold, covering a range of different fields. Our skills and individual experiences have led us to reaching an important goal in creating Moveris, because accessibility should be the prerogative of all.

Restaurant with a view

Upon request, we can arrange for you to enjoy a lunch or dinner at a restaurant with a panoramic view. Not only can we book the restaurant for you, we can also arrange for a driver with accessible vehicle for a return transfer service. On such occasions, you can also ask Moveris to provide the discreet presence of a tour guide, who will be at your service throughout the entire experience.

accessible service florence

An expert in Sign Language

The must-see sites around Florence and throughout Tuscany have varying levels of accessibility. It is our aim to facilitate your access to be as easy as possible.
Not all disabilities are immediately evident, as is the case of those with hearing problems. Here, Moveris offers an accompaniment service, arranging for a Sign Language expert (in Italian or English), to enrich the experience in discovering our beautiful land.

accessible service florence

Ride in a hot air balloon

One activity our guests with disabilities appreciate the most is a hot air balloon ride, run by an authorised operator in the Florence area. At your disposal is a basket adapted for wheelchair access, with the accompaniment of a maximum of 2 others.
Climb aboard with your pilot to enjoy and admire the sunrise gradually illuminate the rolling hills of Chianti Fiorentino and Chianti Senese.

accessible service florence

Tactile itineraries

Amongst the services that Moveris is pleased to organise for its guests are the sensory pathways for people with sight impairment by way of tactile pathways organised in the most representative museums of the city of Florence. These tourist services are also available in other Tuscan areas, such as in Fiesole, Pisa, and Siena.

accessible service florence

Cooking classes

You can also experience a mini-cooking class on a farm in the heart of the Chianti region or other territory within Tuscany, where you will try your hand at preparing dishes to then be savoured by all participants. A service tailored to you! The course is also suitable for people who are blind or visually impaired.

accessible service florence

A Navigation Experience

Are you keen to experience a tour on the sea, in a boat designed for people with mobility issues? Simply call Moveris and we can organise your navigational experience, accompanied by qualified staff onboard as you travel along the Tuscan coast.

accessible service florence

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Florence: tourist services

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