Ideas for Visiting Florence and Tuscany

ideas for visiting florence   ideas for visiting florence   ideas for visiting florence   Ideas for Visiting Florence

Florence: ideas for a great visit

Our operational experts design exclusive itineraries for visiting Florence or Tuscany generally, so as to ensure you and your loved ones, your guests or your customers may enjoy a personal and unique experience, enriched with inimitable ideas and new objectives.
Below we have collated our experience in our Blog.

February 2022

Cooking lesson

Cookery classes, held mostly in hotels, represent the quickest and most entertaining way to approach gastronomy: a delicious discovery of Tuscany and its capital of Florence. You will be involved in the preparation of a healthy and wholesome menu, connected to the typical foods and traditions, using fresh products that are regularly gathered from private gardens and orchards. The chefs are also specialised in vegan, vegetarian and macrobiotic cuisine. Lessons last approximately 3 hours and conclude around the table.

ideas for visiting florence

April 2022

In a hot air balloon at dawn

Mankind has long dreamed of flying. We believe that one of the most fascinating and unforgettable flying experiences is an adventure in a hot air balloon. Imagine rising early morning in Florence, when it is still dark out, then having a private car with driver collecting you and taking you to the field in which your air balloon and pilot are waiting to take you up, up and away, to observe the beauty of the Tuscan countryside at sunrise. What a unique idea for visiting Florence and Tuscany! Even breakfast will be prepared for you.

ideas for visiting florence

April 2022

Gelato, anyone?

Florence is a city that offers the possibility to satisfy all - or almost all - of your desires.
One out-of-the-box idea, especially if you are travelling with children, would be to try your hand at making gelato. You have the opportunity to be “hands on” with the product, to create your masterpiece and then savour it with your friends and family that have been part of this experience. This unique way to pass an hour of your time can be combined with other ideas for visiting Florence.
Call or write to us and we can help you give shape to your ideas.

ideas for visiting florence

May 2022

A Collection of Colours

Imagine waking up one beautiful summer morning and deciding to go on a picnic, perhaps even by bicycle.
Maybe you wish to set out with an easel, brushes and a small canvas to adorn with colour, to see Florence from a different viewpoint to create a painting that will surely entice others to visit this splendid city. This is your Florence, these are your ideas that become a reality: visiting a city means grasping everything it has to offer.
Visiting a city like Florence and capturing its soul with your own brushstrokes and chosen colours is priceless.

ideas for visiting florence

july 2022

Florence in the Lens

Leica, Canon, Nikon... you don’t have to be an expert, the goal is simply to have Florence in your viewfinder! One day, together with a group of our friends, we came up with the idea of visiting our territory, playing tourists in our hometown of Florence. Thus, hopping onto our Vespas, cameras around our neck, we set off in the direction of Chianti. Well, we never actually reached the heart of the countryside because as soon as we reached Piazzale Michelangelo, the first clicks came... then we headed to Bellosguardo (it’s name meaning ‘beautiful lookout’ not by chance!) and once more came the click, click, click. In the end, the beauty of Florence kept up so enthralled that we didn’t even make it to the Chianti hills that day, but on our next visit to our countryside - will you join us?

ideas for visiting florence

September 2022

Castles and Mills

We are few kilometres from Florence and suddenly, before our eyes, from the Passo della Consuma, a spectacular view opens up before us: an exceptionally large park adorned with a plethora of colours, austere and unknown. It truly is a marvellous sensation to leave the architectural beauty of Florence to dedicate a day to visiting a park. As you can see, it is truly a unique experience. The bustling city of Florence is just nearby but here, there is only silence, the scent of firs and pines, peppered with a few cypress trees here and there. The village of Poppi awaits us, its castle watching over the territory from atop a hill, accompanied by a portrait of the great Poet Dante Alighieri. Marvellous ideas...

ideas for visiting florence

Florence: ideas for visiting the city

Our passions in the Blog

It is impossible to list all of our passions. Sailing, horse riding, art, sports, nature, music... the options are endless. Moveris is able to offer you the opportunity to experience your own passions to the full, transforming your wishes into unforgettable experiences.
In this Blog, we gather the sensations, emotions and experiences of our clients so you too can make a wish and get set to enjoy an experience that is all your own.

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