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Tuscany: organic products

If you are on the lookout for natural products that can be found in Tuscany, we can suggest a number of sensory experiences involving encounters with places and people, closely connected to the land and to the ancient rhythms of nature, all close to Florence.

natural products florence

Natural products in Tuscany

boiled wool

Scattered throughout Tuscany are places where woollen fabrics are still made using the ancient techniques from medieval times, immersed in fascinating settings. If you adore certain types of fabric, not only can you see and touch, you can even design your very own garment then watch as it is created by skilled artisans who have long delighted customers from all over the world.

These natural fabrics can often be seen on catwalks, being ever in style and of great charm.

The wool comes from animals raised throughout the Tuscan territory near Florence, to then be transformed into fabrics that are dyed, with the same results that have been achieved for over a thousand years.

natural products florence

Chestnuts, mushrooms, truffles

natural products in Tuscany

Amongst the natural products coming from the land, typical of the Tuscan countryside, there are marroni and chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, and especially the king of the forest: the truffle. Rendering the dishes of our culinary tradition famous, these products are often not subject to any form of processing, not being able to withstand any chemical treatments. The territory near Florence offers Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) products such as the onion of Certaldo, the red potato of Cetica, the cherries of Lari and much more, each season producing its own unique produce. Then there is the cheese: “in fossa” (aged in special underground pits dug into tuff rock), covered in hay, wrapped in vine leaves, coated in ashes... yes, there really is something for all tastes.

natural products florence

Wine, olive oil, wholemeal flour

natural products in Tuscany

If you want to shop for natural products typical of Tuscany, we can recommend several farms that produce wine, olive oil and other organic products produced throughout the territory. In recent years, a number of Organic Farms have arisen, from where you can buy stone-ground flour ground with medieval millstones, or perhaps enjoy freshly-baked bread from ancient kilns in Tuscany.

Such a visit is great for young and old. In addition to the surrounding natural environment, you can also see the animals being reared on-site and, in some cases, even the stables with horses, cows or pigs.
Tastings can be arranged to savour the typical products and, at some farms, you can also have lunch or dinner made with organic products.

Moveris in Florence: natural products

Natural products in Florence

If you prefer to stay in the centre of Florence, the natural offerings are particularly the creation of perfume essences, as well as the production of custom paper in specialised laboratories, without forgetting the big and small producers encountered on an exploration of all that is organic.

Perfume Creation

The creation of perfumes is a sensational olfactory experience.

Each fragrance is customised according to your sense of smell and your skin so as to achieve a unique end result. Visiting such an exceptional location calls for an introduction of the olfactory notes, their types and persistence - information that is beneficial in creating your own perfume with spicy, musky, floral or other notes guided by your imagination.

The natural products created along your olfactory journey will become an indelible memory of your stay in Florence and in Tuscany.

natural products florence

Marbled paper

There are a number of laboratories around the city that, for centuries, have produced paper using ancient tools. We can take you to these locations to see how a sheet of Florentine or “marbled” paper is created entirely by hand. This profession is part of the Florentine tradition, one that requires the patience and imagination necessary for the production of papers that are increasingly unique and personalised. Given the complexity and skill required to create such specific papers, this offering is aimed towards adults who are willing to put themselves to the test, trying their hands at an experience able to transport you back to Renaissance Florence, reviving the joy of using natural products, typical of life in Florence.

natural products florence

Biological itineraries

In Florence, ‘organic’ simply means a lifestyle choice. The natural products produced throughout the territory - be they wool, cheeses, meats, wines, olive oils, perfumes, fabrics or any other good - can be found all throughout the city. Would you like some ideas on a tour of Florence, dedicated to all that is organic? We can set out from the Sant’Ambrogio farmer’s market, where we will have a rich breakfast of sweets made by a small bistro and, if you like, you can even purchase some of the natural products available. Next, we head to Vestri, one of the best chocolate producers, then... to any of the multitude of options that Florence offers its visitors. Moveris is here for you, ready to plan your trip focused on all that is organic.

natural products florence

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